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Moonshine St. 14/05
Light City, London
+00 (123) 456 78 90

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About GIC Education



How do we make a difference

We are a professional consulting firm, dedicated to providing the best solutions to students seeking higher study abroad. We strive to create opportunities for students because we believe everyone should have access to quality higher education.

With many of our streams directly linking to the permanent residence route, we help you not only get your student visa application sorted, but also ensure better career, as opposed to just your studies.

We have helped many before. Let us help you too.

Why choose us:

The only consultancy firm to provide you counseling through Career Specialists.

Choose from 20,000+ courses from over 1,500+ universities worldwide

We guide you through different application and visa process.

We do ensure to provide you a hassle-free journey

Process Steps

Initial Assessment

You are requested to apply for an assessment.

Invited to meet

You are invited to our office for a prompt meeting and we will move forward if your assessment report is positive.

Document preparation

We will provide a list of documents.

Application procedure

Guide you to apply to your desired university and ensure a smooth journey throughout the process.



"At GIC Educational Limited, we come to work every day because we believe in creating a better future for our clients. Yes, we treat you as our client, not a student. We believe in creating a guideline through which you can decide your own career path, and embark on a journey that will change you for the better. We have been through the same, even I. What I have noticed, however, while there are plenty of great minds, there’s hardly any to nurture them to the right path. The world is at your fingertips through the internet, sure, but the flora and fauna and the people around you give you a perspective that’s hard to experience through the black mirror that you look at. And that’s where we come in – give you a chance to explore new countries, get a taste of the life lived outside your surroundings. This also helps you challenge yourself, mind you. Staying on your own isn’t an easy task, and we only guide you to get better out of your international experience. Let us help you achieve more."

Mohammad Touhid Rana
Director, GIC Education Ltd


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